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Ingredient of the Week: Geranium



Used on all type of skin, Geranium acts as an analgesic, anti-irritant, antimicrobial, potent antioxidant, antiseptic, astringent, balancing, cell-regenerating, cicatrisant, demulcent, rejuvenating and warming agent in skincare.  Commonly used for specific skin conditions including: acne, blackheads, cellulite, dehydration, erythema, seborrhea, sensitivity, spider veins and stretch marks. Geranium is also an effective and excellent remedy for burns and wounds and can be used in the treatment of inflammation due to its mild, soothing effect.


Its action on the nervous system is pronounced; it’s a sedative with uplifting characteristics. Geranium is a stimulant of the adrenal cortex and can be used to balance the production of androgens or octoroons, such as occurs during menopause. It is also great for the time of menstruation. Geranium is a good insecticide due to its terpene content and is particularly effective as a mosquito repellent.

Described as a minty-fruity floral top-middle note with rosy undertones, geranium oil is an important perfume ingredient, and one of the most feminine of the essential oils. Its properties for mind include: balancing, calming, cooling, refreshing, relaxing, soothing and uplifting. It promotes feelings of happiness and peace, and eases anxiety, depression, panic, stress and tension.

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Ingredient of the Week: Cocoa Butter

Natural cocoa butter on a brown background

is the solid edible natural fat from the cocoa bean, which is produced when making chocolate and cocoa powder. It’s natural anti-oxidant properties helps prevent rancidity and gives it a long shelf life, up to five years.

High in anti-oxidants its properties are amazing.  Melting at body temperature it makes a great softening agent for the ; as well as lubricant  making it good as massage oil or cream.  Cocoa butter penetrates deep into the skin making it a excellent overall moisturizer.

pregnancy - shea butter or cocoa butter for pregnancy to prevent stretch marksLike chocolate, cocoa butter contains natural compounds that promote relaxation.   Massaging the skin with cocoa butter has been shown to help relieve stress and boost skin elasticity.   It’s even been known to help reduce stretch marks after pregnancy or weight loss.  Along with promoting a sense of well-being, this incredible natural resource is chock full of powerful anti-oxidants to help soothe, hydrate, balance and combat visible signs of aging.

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