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4 Day Leadership & Personal Growth Workshop

4 Day and Personal Growth Workshop

Join us for 4-Days of fun this Summer in beautiful ,

July 9th – 12th



Keynote Speakers include:

AaronFeinbergAaron Feinberg is one of the most celebrated executive coaches in Silicon Valley with clients at companies like Google and Dropbox and Yahoo. His wisdom on how to give your business and your life a boost will have you jumping out of your seat! Aaron will be teaching us how to effectively communicate with passion to show up as our best selves. If you’re ready to take the next step in your life, this event is not to be missed!


patpearsonPat Pearson is a seasoned speaker, business professional, author, and psychotherapist, Pat Pearson will help you let go of what’s holding you back from building the life and business you desire. In her workshop, Pat will help you understand the recruiting attitudes that can propel you forward or hold you back. You’ll also learn how to resolve negative self-talk and discover how to reframe fears about recruiting and rejection. Her books include Stop Self-Sabotage and Party with a Purpose.



Janet Cronstedt

Janet Cronstedt is a seasoned direct seller with 25 years of experience. Here is a woman with the rare blend of highly successful field experience followed by being a direct sales corporate executive for international and domestic companies.  “Better Together!” That’s Janet. Her servant’s heart and desire to set women up for success is palpable.  She’s a truth-teller with a quick sense of what’s right and wrong.


Come spend the weekend at the world-class St. Julien Hotel in beautiful Boulder, Colorado. 7 meals will be provided and refreshments will be provided throughout the weekend! Invite your friends and share an incredible long weekend of growth!

St Julien

Accommodations are extremely limited and filling up fast! Act now to take advantage of our exclusive discount on your room reservation at the luxurious St. Julien Hotel!

Reserve your ticket today:  Celebrates 2015

Don't forget to let me know you're coming!  We'll talk more at Celebrates.  See You There!  [email protected]

Party Hosting – Getting Creative!

Would you love to get together with friends and have some fun?  But, don’t want to have the “old” traditional party plan atmosphere, where you feel pressured into purchasing something so the Host get’s her rewards… there are those “silly” games and everyone obliges because they “owe you one”?

We’re all about having some fun, invite everyone, and get social!  Check out a couple of our latest ideas.

Hooked on Colfax - PopUp Pangea
Hooked on Colfax,

We created a Shop at a local coffee shop, Hooked on Colfax, in Denver.  Their Batista even practiced making our logo in the drinks!  It was awesome!  I think they did a great job, take a look, below, and let me know what you think.  Mind you, this was their first attempt!

Pangea CoffeeAwardWinningProducts


This past weekend we participated in a street fair, The Big , in Denver.  It was awesome; so many people, the weather was perfect and an all around fun time for the whole family.  Your four-legged friends are even welcome!  It’s , family oriented, local small business, Crafted and great fun!

Our Booth at The Big Wonderful, Denver, Colorado


We made an impromptu living room to share Pangea with our new friends!  We welcomed them in, did hand washing then encouraged them to try our wonderful Pangea Body Polish, Hand Cream and soothing Body Lotions.  It was such a huge success we’ll be at Big Wonderful during the pre-season, until mid June, and most likely all summer long.  We hope you’ll stop by… and wash your hands.

An Evening with Joshua Scott Onysko

Join Pangea Organics’ Founder and Chief Product Officer, Joshua Scott Onysko for an evening of libations and the story of Pangea. Whether you want to gain more insight to the benefits of Pangea’s products or you are curious to know more about joining our community of Independent Pangea Business Owners nationwide, this event is sure to entertain, inspire, and nurture your vitality.
Monday, May 18th, 6:30-8:30 PM MDT
Hooked on Colfax
3213 East Colfax Avenue
, CO 80206
Tuesday, May 19th, 6:30-8:30 PM MDT
Pangea Organics
3195 Sterling Circle, 200
, CO 80301
For 15 years Pangea Organics has been leading the fringe in the skincare industry, achieving 54 awards internationally for innovation, sustainability and product efficacy.

This is your opportunity to learn more about how joining our community can impact your life in a positive way, can help you achieve all of your personal and business goals and dreams.

You Regulate The Industry


    • Inspiring Discovery
    • Empowering People
    • Nurturing Vitality

We serve by being a gentle force for life and activating individual vitality in a simple, natural and life enhancing way.


We envision a world connected by purpose, passion and humility where people live life inspired, empowered and in a way that nurtures their individual and collective vitality.



Pangea is dedicated to nurturing vitality through mindfully crafted products, inspired personal growth and an empowering social sharing business opportunity that enables us to be effective each and every day.

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Hosting a Happy Hour Was Never Easier

Having a Girls Night Out?

Whether you’re having a few girl-friends over for coffee, bible study or just to hang out… why not include Pangea?  Share pure organic skincare and the opportunity to simply sit back, get a little pampered and have some fun!  There’s nothing to it… no big production, I’ll do all the work all you need to do is show up and have a few snacks for your lady friends.  Nothing big mind you… simple is my motto!

Pangea Events

Bar Soaps
April Free Gift

There’s still time to get in on the April special too!  If you schedule your Happy Hour before the end of April you’ll get an Extra Free Gift for Hosting this month.  AND should one of your gal friends want to host a Happy Hour, she’ll get a Free Gift also!

Host Rewards2

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Note:  I am located in , but can also work with you on a Virtual Party if that works better for you.