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New Products Added

New Products

MaryRuth Organics

 We’ve added a new product line for your family!  Check out the full line of MaryRuth Organics for your vitamin needs.  Pure, organic and Made in the USA!  IT doesn’t get much better than that!





Natural Doesn’t Always Mean Good

Are you what you eat?

The old adage “you are what you eat” isn’t always true. And these day’s it’s good to remember if you can’t eat it you probably shouldn’t be putting it on your body either.  May people believe they are getting products that are good for them and their families when they go shopping. Did you know that there is no requirements behind using the words healthy. Sad but true, companies can label their products however they want. When it comes to this type of hype, and many consumers are none the wiser, whether it be food or products. With a little research it’s easy to learn how to differentiate what you’re buying for your family.  Here are few tips.



Look for these certifications:

rainforest-alliance-logoNSF Organic Ingredients  USDA Organic     Kosher   Peta CF    NFCA Certified Gluten-Free      Recycled Symbols    Forest Stewardship Council   certified dolphin safe  certified vegan

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True Beauty is Nurturing Vitality

Pangea Lavender Body Ritual Set

True beauty is a product of nurturing your vitality, and this ritual set does just that.



  • 1 Pyrenees Lavender with Cardamom Bar Soap


Note:  This grouping of products comes in 3 scent profiles: Pyrenees Lavender, Canadian Pine, and Italian White Sage. Which scent speaks to who you are?