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Relaxing Products Featuring Cardamom

Lavender Body Products

LavenderWith CardamomPyrenees Lavender with  Body Products.  True beauty is a product of nurturing your , and these products with Cardamom do  just that.   One of the oldest essential oils known, the Egyptians used it in perfumes and incense, and also chewed the seeds to keep their teeth white.  These products will help you fight off fatigue and stress.  Relax tonight with these favorite products!

Hosting a Happy Hour Was Never Easier

Having a Girls Night Out?

Whether you’re having a few girl-friends over for coffee, bible study or just to hang out… why not include Pangea?  Share pure organic skincare and the opportunity to simply sit back, get a little pampered and have some fun!  There’s nothing to it… no big production, I’ll do all the work all you need to do is show up and have a few snacks for your lady friends.  Nothing big mind you… simple is my motto!

Pangea Events

Bar Soaps
April Free Gift

There’s still time to get in on the April special too!  If you schedule your Happy Hour before the end of April you’ll get an Extra Free Gift for Hosting this month.  AND should one of your gal friends want to host a Happy Hour, she’ll get a Free Gift also!

Host Rewards2

Contact me today schedule your date!

Note:  I am located in , but can also work with you on a Virtual Party if that works better for you.